23 February 2008

Upcycled Men's Shirt...work in progress

I found this really nice Italian silk men's shirt in a local thrift store. It happened to be a day when they were offering "everything that you can stuff in a bag for $10"...wow...I love that!

That bag has already paid off BIG because I found a vintage 60's Jean Patou hat that I sold last week on ebay for $56. The sale had been going on for a couple of days so everything was very picked over...how that hat slipped through the cracks I will never know.

I was not actually able to stuff my bag because I could not find enough things worthy of my limited closet space, I did however find a few goodies that will be showing up on the blog in the weeks to come.

This shirt jumped out to me because of the interesting graphic print. The silk is very soft and high quality. The shirt had the dry cleaning tags on it and was in great condition.

I removed the collar and cut off the sleeves at the armholes. I am in the process of altering the shirt using soft tucks and folds like the designers are showing on their Spring clothing lines. I am working with some vintage fabric to create loose ruffles and I have shortened the sleeves and gathered the tops to make puffs...and that is as far as I have gotten. I may not get back to this for a week because 2 of my nieces are arriving today for a visit.

the groo*gal

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