21 February 2008

The RAVEN Has Landed!

That fabulous Raven necklace arrived on my birthday Monday.

Yes...it is true, but were you really surprised? I made kind of a "little bit of a big deal" out of it...oh well, what can I say...I wanted it BAD and I knew there was only one way I was getting it this year..unless of course I took up resin casting!...and that is always a possibility.

I was sorry that I did not get a picture of me wearing it on my "day of days" because I had put together a really cute outfit in hopes of getting that necklace as the major accessory piece...Vera Wang for Kohl's purple and gray plaid chiffon dress(huge bargain last Fall), black cropped cardigan, black flat boots and I broke out a great vintage black velvet double breasted coat along with the accessory I can't live without these days in Chicago...my wool cossack hat with flaps!.....56 and workin' it!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Froo*Gal,
The Raven necklace looks very cool and I can imagine you looked very chic in it with the outfit that you described! I need an "update" for my wardrobe which I am so sick of! Perhaps in ChiTown next week, I'll find just the right addition(s). I hope to hit the resale store on Broadway.
Sommerboat :)