31 May 2010

Enid Collins Inspired Needlepoint

My first needlepoint project is COMPLETED!

This was a great learning experience...and like all learning, came from mistakes.
This is what I learned....

10ct needlepoint canvas should be worked with 3 strands of tapestry wool (I used 2)
selvage should always be on the right or left not top and bottom
basket weave stitch will keep the canvas from distorting

With that being said...

Creativity is WELCOME!

I am off on a 2 two week hiatus visiting family and friends, reading good books and putting more stitches to canvas...
see you soon with more projects!

17 May 2010

One Stitch Leads to Another

...and before you know it an addiction begins.

It started with a simple cross stitch. I was completely entranced when I picked up a piece of unfinished embroidery a year ago. I love how all those tiny little stitches accumulate to make a picture. I love it for the same reason I love cross word puzzles...it keeps you guessing until the end.

My biggest issue with those tiny little stitches is just that...they are so tiny and my eyes are so bad and I need perfect lighting and all of these things conspire to make it a bit stressful....

Enter the needlework canvas!

I decided to teach myself to needlepoint and purchased a piece of canvas with 10 holes to the inch...10 big holes, easy to see, and after realizing that the continental stitch is actually just half of a cross stitch, I was off and running.

My design was inspired by my Enid Collins handbag.

13 May 2010

Vintage Fabric Pincushion Kit

I have raided my vintage stash and put together one of a kind vintage fabrics, buttons and trims along with complete instructions to make this patchwork pincushion. I currently have 4 different packets that can be purchased at
Whimrose Projects

Please come and take a look and get inspired!


The first 5 people to make a purchase at Whimrose Projects will receive a 20% discount!

10 May 2010

My Biggest Creative Project

Will.....Thanks for making me your Mom.

Mothers Day 2010

03 May 2010

Today marks the official opening of my Whimrose Projects shop.

After weeks of working on my IWeb application to design a website I read about bigcartel, an online service that provides an instant customizable store to sell your goods. It is extremely easy to set up and navigate and with in a couple of hours everything was in place and I was ready to start listing my stock...so yeah...I took the easy way out, and I am very pleased with the results...byebye IWeb hello bigcartel!

Now that I have the store in place I can begin to concentrate on my "inspirational creative endeavors".
In need of some inspiration?
Whimrose Projects