15 February 2010

Reflection of a Rainbow

doppio arcobaleno
double rainbow

I am headed back to the Land of Enchantment, home of big sky's, howling coyotes, green chili's and double rainbows.
If you are in need of sunshine there is a nearly 80% chance that you will have it every day of the year in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Don't quote me on that but I would say, having lived in Santa Fe for 5 years, it is fairly close to being true.

When I lived in Santa Fe I craved rainy days (crazy right?) but rarely got them. The sun would shine even when it rained producing some of the most spectacular rainbows I have ever seen.
Double rainbows are a common occurrence. A double rainbow is formed when the light is reflected twice. The colors are inverted in the reflected rainbow and because it is a reflection, the second rainbow is not as bright.

Having "big sky" certainly enhances the rainbow experience....and also enhances the ability to reflect...and that is what I am hoping to do on this trip back.

I am taking the slow climb to the high dessert on the Amtrak tomorrow. I doubt that I will see any rainbows this time of year but it is assured that I will see some beautiful sunsets!

Where do you reflect?

09 February 2010

Slogan Bracelet "How To"

One of my readers requested that I show how the Slogan Bracelet was finished. Here is a brief "how to" guide.
Come guida

1. Measure a piece of embroidery linen to fit around your wrist and the desired width to incorporate your slogan. Add 1/2" to the lengthwise measurement. Center your slogan as desired and cross stitch.
2. Cut a piece of fabric the same size as the linen. I used an antique piece of wool that I had in my fabric stash. Any type of fabric that has some body would work.
3. With right sides together machine stitch one long edge and each end.
4. Turn and press, pressing under 1/4" on the unsewn edges.
5. Slip stitch lining to embroidered linen.
6. Make a chain stitch loop on one end and sew button in place.

The button I used is an antique stamped china button also from my stash.

....and speaking of "stash" if you don't have your own personal "stash", and don't have the time or inclination to try and unearth and collect these little treasures, don't despair Whimrose Projects is coming to your rescue with a new Internet shop featuring just these types of interesting and hard to find items that will personalize your creations.

I have lots of new ideas that I am working on and plan to bring together under the

Whimrose Projects

a design source for artisans of stitchery!

05 February 2010


braccialetto trasversale di slogan del punto
Cross Stitch Slogan Bracelet

Last year while perusing an ancient Ladies Home Journal in search of images for a collage I was working on I came across an article on Negative Capability.

A theory expressed by poet John Keats in a letter to his brother, Negative Capability is

"when man is capable of being in uncertainties, Mysteries, doubts without any irritable reaching after fact & reason."

That concept struck a cord for me.... getting comfortable with the unknown. One of my favorite songs by folk singer, Iris Dement is "Let the Mystery Be"....we don't have all the answers and we can't always make sense of things. Instead of getting hung up on those questions I would like to embrace this idea, make it my motto.

I like the idea of having a slogan or a motto and wearing it on my sleeve so to speak. This is my personal version of "What would Jesus do?", or Lance Armstrong's "Live Strong", or that famous little red string (what does that mean anyway?). My motto will help remind me to stay in a place of equipoise and ward off the "whys and what ifs".

...so for the moment this is my motto, my slogan...and I love the idea that I can make a whole slew of these bracelets with different words, different slogans...and when my thoughts, ideas and aspirations change all I have to do is change my bracelet...it is easier than removing a tattoo!

What would your slogan say?

02 February 2010

Healthy Addictions

filo di seta del ricamo
embroidery floss

Embroidery floss is my new drug of choice and the good news is...it only cost $.39 a fix! Imagine being able to purchase everything you need for a project and not spending more than $10...you may even be able to get away with spending under $5.

Standing in front of the DMC Embroidery Floss display is like standing at the bottom of a pantone rainbow....your creative juices take flight and before you know it you have dropped 25 tiny bundles of color in to your basket and you have not even spent $10!

When I got home dizzy from my fix I realized in my floss infused high that I had left out the basics...black and white!
...and guess what my next project is?
I had to go back to my dealer for some crack I mean BLACK!