20 March 2008


I was on a search the other day for just the right little scrap of yellow fabric when I came across a box of vintage kimono fabric that I have collected over the years...it was like finding a little treasure all over again.

Over a year ago I packed up my studio in Santa Fe in preparation for our move back to Chicago which was a serious downsizing..and I mean serious! I had organized everything in plastic containers before packing everything in moving boxes so when I arrived all of these plastic containers where taken from the packing boxes and went straight into the only available space 9 feet up in the hall closet.....all I can say is I am so glad I didn't sell this stuff on ebay(I had actually had a moment of temporary insanity) because with each box opened there is a renewed sense of inspiration!...YES!

...also....I thought I would give a sneak peak of my "IT" bag that is under construction!


15 March 2008

Getting The Goods

Another week has flown by without a post...whew!

Life just does not seem to let up. The husband and dogs left a week ago in search of warmth and sunshine..I must confess...I had no desire..my only desire was one of pure selfishness...peace and quiet, no demands, no meals to cook, no one to think about but ME!

Well I have had plenty of quiet but I am afraid that after a record breaking week of sales in my ebay store..there was no peace and plenty of demands...I found no time to stitch on my shirt project but I did manage to duck into a couple of thrift shops and brought home some prizes!!! YEAH!

That got me thinking...I need to be more organized with my commitment of no "new clothes" purchases so that I can see my progress and keep a tally. I have also done some thinking (usually in the middle of the night) about this.....

Okay...so you decide that you are no longer going to make NEW clothing purchases..but does that mean you can just go hog wild in the thrift shop...just because its a bargain? Shouldn't the goal be to have less? and how about the amazingly tiny new closet I have?...I have already started filling a bag of stuff to go BACK to the thrift shop.

Okay so with that in mind.....TADA! Here are my latest finds. All of these items were from a resale shop except the Missoni which was from a charitable thrift shop and that is reflected in the price:

Missoni Cashmere tunic sweater $3
Calvin Klein floral cotton skirt $18
Banana Republic cotton voile tucked front blouse NWT $16
Club Monaco silk pleated skirt $10

I am going to figure out how I can keep that list of purchases running on a side bar.

.......and I could not let another day go by with out some kind of "hands on project", so last night at 9PM I started wrapping beads to make another Louis V necklace and I think it may be my most favorite one yet!!!...I would also like to add that these are all LIBERTY OF LONDON fabrics. These really are the best fabrics for this project. I realize that these fabrics are not easy to find. I just went on ebay and bought a small collection of 50 different prints in 4X4 inch pieces. If you are unable to find them let me know because I am thinking about putting together kits for the necklace.


PS...I forgot to mention the cute brooch on the Banana Republic blouse. That was a gift from my niece Natalie. It came from this cute shop where she works in Holly, Michigan called Laundry(one of many jobs)...she is the "thrifter extraordinaire"....she will even dance for you in her thrifty duds!+ she makes a superb scone..all while talking a mile a moment!...love ya Nat!

04 March 2008

BLUE Birthday Shoes...YIPPEE!

Lucky me!...my Mom sent me a gift of $$ for my birthday (understanding her daughters need for a shoe purchase)...I know... I said it before...buying used shoes is a challenge that I am not sure I want to take on, although my feelings about that could change as summer approaches and the poor girl has NO NEW SHOES...what a pitty!

In the meantime I took that birthday money in my hot little hands and headed straight back to Turley Road Boutique where the fabulous Raven necklace was spotted....and also...tada!...a pair of BLUE shoes...in my size...one pair....and guess what?...they were still there...and the best news yet..comfortable..YEA!...and here those little beauties are....how cute with SKIRT 1.1.08....they have a little 2.5 inch heel...a little "witchy"...hey, with the Raven necklace I could get a little upscale "goth baby boomer" thing going.

Still working on the blouse..more to come.