04 March 2008

BLUE Birthday Shoes...YIPPEE!

Lucky me!...my Mom sent me a gift of $$ for my birthday (understanding her daughters need for a shoe purchase)...I know... I said it before...buying used shoes is a challenge that I am not sure I want to take on, although my feelings about that could change as summer approaches and the poor girl has NO NEW SHOES...what a pitty!

In the meantime I took that birthday money in my hot little hands and headed straight back to Turley Road Boutique where the fabulous Raven necklace was spotted....and also...tada!...a pair of BLUE shoes...in my size...one pair....and guess what?...they were still there...and the best news yet..comfortable..YEA!...and here those little beauties are....how cute with SKIRT 1.1.08....they have a little 2.5 inch heel...a little "witchy"...hey, with the Raven necklace I could get a little upscale "goth baby boomer" thing going.

Still working on the blouse..more to come.



Fred The Mole said...

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Julie said...

Happy Birthday! What great shoes!

I want to tag you for a "6 things about me" meme on my blog but wanted to ask your permission first. Are you a go?

cassaundra said...

lucky lady, what a beautiful pair of shoes!

you were right, by the way.
i think i'm going to go with the brown pair of boots :-)