02 November 2008

HOW TO Make Your Own Designer Medallion Necklace

Mission accomplished!.... and I am thrilled with my new one of a kind designer inspired necklace....and this is how I made it:


It helps to have a "stash" of treasures, but if you don't you can find everything for this project on Ebay ( if you need help email me!)....for me, hunting for the treasure is part of the creative process and is what will make your necklace truly unique to you. I did a search under "antique applique" and that is where I found the most beaded pieces that will work for this project. You may also try "bullion patch" or "vintage sewing trim".

When you have found the centerpiece for the necklace you will need a base to attach it to. I used a scrap of felted wool. You could also use a piece of felt. I cut 2 pieces about an inch bigger all the way around than the beaded patch. I fused the 2 pieces of felted wool together using Heatnbond which you can find at Joann Fabrics. I then hand stitched the beaded patch unto the felt.

When the bead work was in place I carefully cut around the edge leaving about 1/8th inch border. I have a large collection of antique cloth buttons(which you can also find on Ebay) and I selected three and sewed them to the top of the medallion.

I had this beautiful scrap of vintage silk kimono fabric that I have held unto for years because it was long and narrow like a ribbon and it had a beautifully frayed edge. I was never sure what I would do with it but I knew that someday it would make its way into one of my projects. I wide silk ribbon would work equally as well.

I made crochet loops on each side of the top edge of the felt and knotted the strip of fabric to each loop. I then threaded 2 fabric covered beads that I made(see instructions for Fabric Bead Necklace from January blog entry) onto the strip of fabric and knotted each side, I then added 2 vintage wood beads above the fabric beads. I had a small piece of the kimono fabric left so I gathered it into rosettes and stitched it to the back of the felt. The finish touch was the purple silk ball that I attached to the bottom....and within a couple of hours ....VOILA!...my very own fabulous chunky, centerpiece, one of a kind, beaded medallion necklace.

01 November 2008

New Inspiration for Fabric Bead Necklace!

I clipped a page from October Vogue magazine that featured a beautiful fabric and bead necklace designed by Roseanne de Pampelonne. I immediately remembered a lot of vintage beaded medallion's that I had purchased at auction recently and was inspired to created my own version of this $675 necklace.

Yesterday I dragged out boxes of vintage kimono silk, antique fabric covered buttons, hand dyed felted wool and metallic seed beads. I have allowed myself the luxury of an afternoon project that is long over due.

I recently was asked to have my Louis Vuitton Knock-Off Fabric Bead Necklace featured as a holiday gift idea on a wonderful website www.sewmamasew.com.....check it out! (Thank you to Beth Wilson for returning my attention to my true passion.) I would also like to post an easier solution to stringing the fabric beads that I discovered.

I am hoping to post pictures of my afternoon project sometime in the next 24 hours so check back for results!!!!!