31 December 2007


I woke up this morning in a cold sweat thinking about SHOES....or I should say, thinking about NOT BUYING a new pair for ONE WHOLE YEAR...okay, I really think I can handle the clothing issue because I know I have plenty to work with...I have fabric, I have yarn, I have RESALE....but shoes...YIKES! I LOVE SHOES and I LOVE SHOPPING for SHOES I have never bought a pair of second hand shoes... and I have major foot issues... and I have actually been putting more miles on a pair of soles and heels now that I am living back in the city...this could get interesting.

When I told a friend about my idea for "not buying new for a year"...she paused for a moment and said..."well what about underwear?".....so Friday I made a mad dash to Target to purchase 6 pairs of my favorite underwear, one spanking new white bra, 4 pair of black cotton socks and one pair of black tights....I do have 2 drawers full of black socks and tights, but I just wanted to make sure.

Here is a picture of the inspiration for my SKIRT 1.1.08...and that is going to be my kick off project for 2008...be sure and check back for results...remember my goal is 1 hour....hmmmm?


1 yard of fabric 56" wide...more or less depending on the width of the fabric and the length you want
1 7" skirt zipper
1.5" wide grosgrain ribbon the length of your waist measurement plus 5 inches

And speaking of skirts.....another confession....I did have one last fling at Neiman Marcus in the sale racks a couple of weeks ago.....and yes, it was satisfying...until the bill came....anyway this was my last purchase of 2007...Marc Jacobs original price $248 marked down $148...it was exactly the skirt that I had been looking for since October..nice fully lined, brown wool stitched down pleats, ribbon waist band..I really DO love to shop...



30 December 2007

SKIRT 1.1.08

My fondest childhood memories always involve my mother, a fabric store and a pattern book. When I was growing up there were very few fabric stores but all the major department stores had fabric departments, so when ever we happened to be in a Sears or Penny's store we would make a trip through the fabric department.

I am not sure at what age I actually began taking part in the selection process but I know that my mother, from a very early age, made most of my clothing. Like many mothers in the 1950's my mother sewed out of necessity although I never felt deprived because we could not afford to buy my wardrobe at retail, instead I felt special because I had clothing that was unique to me. A few times a year my Mom and I would make a special trip, just the two of us, to pick out fabric and patterns. We would crack open the large pattern books and go page by page writing down the pattern numbers for skirts, blouses and dresses.

Then the real fun would begin....perusing the isles for just the right fabric! I still feel slightly light headed when I enter a fabric store and I have a closet full of fabric to prove it...but that is a whole other story. I don't want to get too wordy and lose you here, so my point is I miss that hands on creative part of fashioning my own wardrobe, and have decide for reasons much bigger than a long lost hobby to "boycott retail fashion emporiums".

I am overwhelmed by the "marketplace", the glut, the outrageous prices...it is not fun any more to dig through racks to find a bargain for $98. After trying on 25 pairs of shoes I no longer feel the need or could possibly decide which ones to buy, especially when I have 50 pairs of shoes at home most of which show no signs of wear...more importantly who can afford even the sale prices of most clothing and why do we need 50 pairs of shoes!

My question is this.....what would happen if you were to challenge yourself to not spend a dime on clothing, shoes or accessories for one year?(....but still maintain a fabulous sense of style!!) For some this would be easy...for this fashion craved shopaholic, it will have to involve my own personal 12 step program!
This is my GOAL...I am cutting up the credit cards and opening up my creative pocketbook to see what inspirational fun stuff can happen....I would love to have you along for the ride!

Stay tuned...my first project will be SKIRT 1.1.08...my goal...one hour, start to finish...I will let you know how realistic that is. Every project will have an inspiration. The inspiration for this skirt came from a picture of a "friend of a friends" daughter who's photograph appeared on The Sartorialist blog (a wonderful, visual/people watching blog that led me to this blog network)...check it out, it will make Linkyou really think about your own personal style!

The froo*gal

2008 The Year of the Skirt...MY skirt!