16 May 2009

Clare Potter... Vintage Perfection

My recent fascination with vintage women's magazines has led to this charming new addition to my Spring wardrobe featured below.

While browsing the pages for fashion illustrations to add to my collages I came across this article on Clare Potter...one of the first ladies of American sportswear. After a Google frenzied search I came up with little information about Clare Potter's career but surprisingly...on Ebay(where else?)...I actually found this stunning little linen jacket up for auction from a seller in the UK...and shockingly I won the item for under $20. It fits me perfectly and is in beautiful condition. What makes this jacket special is the attention to detail. The collar is ecru satin with a sage green velvet trim and the buttons are covered in a pale gray satin.

I like the addition of this 50's star burst brooch..also an Ebay purchase for $9.99. The jacket looks real cute with another one of my spring bargains... gray silk, pleated cropped harem pants that I found on a a double markdown +coupon at Express for $15.99.

........ the great froo*gal style is workin'!!!

10 May 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Truthfully, I have always hated Mothers Day, I think my expectations have always been too high and we all know when your expectations are too high, there is no where to go but down. This year I am choosing to go with the flow and see what transpires...the idea of my husband and son cooking in my kitchen has always induced some stress but if that is what they want to do then...have at it...I will just "show up" when the dinner bell rings!