21 June 2008

Long ago, in a far away place.......

Hello my friends!!

I have been gone but hopefully not forgotten!

The other day I stumbled upon a disc entitled Kathy's Projects and found this collage that I did a few years ago for an art auction to benefit the arts council where I once lived. Seeing it again gave me a much needed shot of inspiration. I have had an idea lurking around my brain involving some old t-shirts, some photographs and a printer and it may even involve some Kool Aid...hows that for a summer taste sensation!

...all these ideas came together when I saw this collage with new eyes....it reminded me of the yarn that I dyed at my last Craft of the Month Club which seems like months ago and come to think of it it was...that is where we experimented with Kool Aid as dye!... and you can see how lovely it turned out...I just happened to lay it down on top of a book my Mom left behind from her visit last week...I had not really noticed the title until I took the picture and then I picked it up and read the back and it it must be an omen....This Charles Dickens novel is "a brilliant defense of art in the age of mechanism...England as it struggles with the massive economic turmoil brought on by the Industrial Revolution"...sounds like a tale for todays world....hmmmm..maybe I should read it.

I am on my way to buy some Kool Aid.

NO NEW CLOTHES.....The saga continues....

No I have not buckled yet...nearly...a couple of times but...alas...I have been saved of disaster and ruin....I owe it all to my dear friend Wendy who is getting married this weekend. She presented me with a gift card to Nordstroms in lieu of payment for invitations that I designed for her bridal luncheon....after hours of deliberation I ended up with 2 very sensible clothing decisions....an "everyday" pair of black flats and a fashion forward long slouch cardigan in a neutral taupe with a fleck of gold...a great seasonless investment for this unpredictable weather we have been having lately.

and the RESALE RACKS have turned out some interesting ingredients for my summer wardrobe. I have decided I like the idea of a cotton blouse instead of a tshirt...don't get me wrong, tshirts are still high on my list but blouses seem fresher, and here is what I found:

a mid century print blouse by Marni...$5
a green gingham check blouse with a tiny ruffle and puff sleeves by The Gap...$8
an all over rose print sheer cotton blouse by Express nwt...$14.99

and I also found a pair of mens seersucker bermudas...like I said before...I am loving the fit of mens pants better than womens right now..and I am on the look out for a tiny floral print blouse to wear with these..I would love to find a Liberty print...but so far no luck.

and the search continues...