08 May 2008

Four T-Shirts and a Confession

Okay...I"M BUSTED...I caved, and for $34 at Old Navy I could not be happier.

The truth of the matter is, when you are as busy as I am you don't have time to SHOP...let alone look in the closet and try and figure out which t-shirt doesn't look like a dust rag... untidy and ungroomed don't work well on an over 50ish woman.

The whole idea of "upscaling" an old piece of clothing can look fun and hip on a young woman but can look really tacky on someone my age. So I have decided to rethink the concept behind my New Years resolution and the creation of this blog. I want to come up with ideas that can really WORK for a woman that cares about fashion and personal appearance but also wants a creative twist. I will not give up sharing my PROJECTS because that is the key for me and was the inspiration behind froo*gal but its time to break some of my self inflicted rules....I have always hated rules anyway!

T-shirts are like underwear...hard to buy at the resale shop...I know because I have tried for the last 3 weeks to find ONE decent t-shirt that wasn't piled, stained, stretched and too short...that is when I threw my hands up and went to Old Navy(always my very FAVORITE for good quality great selection and price when it comes to t-shirts) because t-shirts are like underwear, they are the foundation of a wardrobe.

Who can beat $35 for 4 t-shirts and they made me feel SO GOOD everyday this week when I put a new one on...the BEST!