16 April 2010

Liberty of London Craft Quilt Project Packet #2 - Eyeglass Case

I just posted a new kit in my etsy shop featuring Liberty of London fabrics. The kit includes everything you will need to finish this fun patchwork project. The patchwork is done on a fusible template that allows you to press the squares unto the template and then fold and stitch, no messing around with tiny squares getting eaten by the feed dogs...in case you are wondering what that sinister feed dog is...

The kit!

12 April 2010

Cross Stitch Cat...RIP Sasha

My friend Jeanne recently lost a 21 year companion...her name was Sasha and she was a very lucky kitty having been rescued by two young boys from a dumpster in the city of Chicago.
Jeanne was on her way to the dry cleaners when tiny mews were heard, she turned and looked to see a little heart shaped face peeping up from the boys arms. They were on their way to the Anti Cruelty Society but instead she went home in the arms of her new Mommy, Jeanne.

The two have been together through many highs and lows including the addition of two more strays. Sasha has lived a long life and hung in there like a trouper being hand fed by Mom for the last year. I believe she survived so long because of Jeanne's dedication to caring for her...she was old and tired but it was hard for either of them to say good bye.

Sasha passed away while I was working on this little cross stitch project...still trying to hone my skills...I was inspired by a 19th century needlepoint. What started out to be a black and white tiger stripe kitty transformed in to a tortoise stripe Sasha. I am surprising Jeanne with it tonight.