05 February 2008

Old Skirt New Tricks

I was off to a great start with my blog when life stepped in and took over.

The last 3 weeks have been like a runaway train....out of town guests for 3 weekends running, major weather issues and countless trips to doctors and emergency rooms with my dear son who has been having severe stomach issues....I had high hopes for completing another project but not one stitch has been made in that direction.

I did, however, "semi"complete the full length evening skirt makeover before the train went off on its own track. I have not been happy with the way the hem turned out. I was trying to do a "soft" hem, kind of like a modified bubble but the fabric is just not lending itself to that look. Meanwhile the skirt hangs on my dress form waiting some inspiration. I am posting a picture while I decide what to do next. I am thinking I might like to bias cut a length of fabric and just narrow hem it, maybe even several different fabrics. So far this is what I have done to create...


1 A-line skirt, long or short
1 5/8 yard of fabric for inset
1 set of toggle closures
1 package of black 1/4 " elastic cord

*If you are using a long skirt, cut to desired length.
*Cut skirt open from top to bottom in the center front.
*Cut a piece of fabric 15-18 inches wide and the length of the skirt plus 2 1/2 inches. If you are not changing the length of the skirt you will need to add enough fabric length to make a hem.
*With right sides together, starting at hem, match front panel to skirt sides. Stitch 5/8" seams from hem to bottom of waistband leaving 2 1/2 inches free to make casing.
*Press seams toward center
*Fold over 1/2 inch at top the fabric and press, then fold over 1 inch to form a casing turning in 5/8 inch at each edge.
*Stitch along bottom of fold on wrong side of waistband
*Stitch along top edge and down the middle of the casing to form 2 channels
*Cut one long piece of elastic and thread through top channel and then continue through bottom channel leaving 8-10 inches free on either side. Cut loop on one end so each side has 2 separate pieces of elastic.
*Fit both pieces of elastic through toggles, cinch waist line to fit then tie knots at the end of the elastic.
*Hem skirt as desired...more ideas to come when I try something new with my hem!

Tomorrow is cotMC (craft of the month club) and we are having a Valentine exchange. I am soooo hoping we do not get the predicted snow storm because I really need some creative therapy and girl talk!

I have taken pictures of my Valentine and I will post a picture after the exchange... stay tuned for more UPCYCLED inspiration!



Diane said...

I just noticed the necklaces on this outfit - if they are they same wooden ones you so nicely helped me figure out, they look way bigger than the 20 mm beads you listed. if so, what size are they?

froo*gal said...

Hi Diane,
These are the 20mm size beads. They measure around 3/4 of an inch.