17 January 2008

Louis Vuitton "Knock Off" Fabric Bead Necklace

Yesterday was cotMC...code name for Craft of the Month Club...trust me..."this ain't your Mama's" craft club...this is a group of highly creative and talented artists that don't take things too seriously..there is no "Martha Stewart threat of perfection" we just like to get into the creative "flow" together and we always have lots of laughs while we are at it.

Yesterday was my turn to show up with a project and all the supplies. I had clipped this page from Style magazine a year ago that featured a cloth bead necklace by Louis Vuitton made with Liberty of London printed cottons. This lovely little necklace had a price tag of $850...seriously! The froo*gal has managed to recreate the original for under $15. The girls loved the project and we all made a fabulous necklace in about 2 hours and you don't even need to know how to sew! Supplies and instructions follow.

LV "Knock Off" Fabric Bead Necklace


20mm wood beads with large hole...I found these in the wood section not the bead section at JoAnn fabrics
selection of fabrics, light weight cottons work best
2 yards of twill tape or ribbon
toggle closure(optional)
glue stick
size 3 knitting needle
awl (optional but it helps)
steel yarn needle
cutting board and rotary cutter (optional)

*Cut 11 1.5 X 3 inch pieces of fabric.
*place 1 piece of fabric on a plain white sheet of printer paper and cover the fabric with glue
*place bead in the middle of the fabric and smooth the fabric facing you up and around the ball
*fold over a scant 1/4 inch on opposite short end of fabric and glue this edge
*wrap this side up and around the bead
*work each long end up and around the bead and stuff the raw ends into the hole using the awl and the knitting needle...this may take a little practice so if you mess up at first don't worry just rip the fabric off and start again with a new piece of fabric
*once all the balls are covered take the knitting needle and make sure that you can get it through the hole of each bead
*thread the yarn needle with the twill tape
*string first bead that will be at the end of the necklace 10 inches from the end of the tape and place a knot on the each side of the bead making sure that it is snug up against the bead...it helps if you put the needle into the knot and then push the knot down until it touches the bead
*move the needle to the right end of the tape put on your next bead
*when you have attached all the beads, cut the tape to the desired length and tie on toggle clasp...you could also eliminate the clasp and just leave enough tape to tie the necaklace around your neck

PS.......if you would like to purchase a kit or a completed necklace please visit Whimrose Projects Etsy shop

PSS......The comments continue to come in nearly 3 years later. Check out these great "how to" pictures http://www.erikajean.com/


Nicki said...

This is great.I like the black/whte one best. Thanks for the tutorial!

Dee Grace said...

Love your blog, I am making the fabric covered beads for a craft class and realized you used a glue stick, not white glue! Once again, it helps to read the directions. I am a little confused about the wrapping, do you fold the one end completely over to the other end, and then 'seam' it with the folded end? I really enjoy the things you've made!

froogal said...

Yes, reading instructions helps!! but I must admit I usually am not good about that either!

After spreading the fabric with glue stick I set the bead right in the middle and wrap up one side then fold over a scant 1/4 inch on the other side and glue the folded edge before wrapping it around.

Keep watching my blog! In addition to the shirt makeover I have been gathering ideas and fabrics for "my Spring IT bag". I am so done with spending huge sums of money on a handbag that everyone else is carrying..I want my own!


Dee Grace said...

Thanks - I can't wait for the bag. I am trying to expand into more adult crafts to teach people, and love your blog (I left that site and just bought a .com) I have so many fabrics and beads and things in my art room and am constantly looking for ways to use them so I will be watching.

I only seem to be able to cover a bead using about half of the amount of fabric you use, but they are very cool, thanks.

Dee Grace said...

I am so new to this posting and etc and thought I had left one but it isn't here - anyway, I am having such trouble stuffing the raw ends in the bead holes! The beads in your picture even have smaller holes than mine! I have cut the length and the width of the fabric way down and still cant get it all in, it just seems to be too much fabric, even with 6" x 1.5"! Help!! Thanks :)

froogal said...

AHHHH....I think I just figured out what your problem is! Perhaps you have mis-read "cut 11 1.5X3 inches pieces"...let me word that differently..."cut 11 different pieces of fabric measuring 1.5X3 inches long" I am sorry I missed publishing your last comment. Please let me know if that works for you.


Dee Grace said...

Well that makes a big difference! I am getting old and did read that wrong. I am now having trouble getting the needle through, even though the knitting needle does. Is it easier to let them dry a little? I am having to use pliers to pull the needle through!


froogal said...

Hi Diane,

Your questions are all very helpful. What seems clear to me may not always seem clear to others.

I think the method that works best is to work the knitting needle into the bead hole while the glue is wet. You need to manipulate it a bit. Also while you are working the fabric up and around the bead try and make sure that you are evenly spacing the tiny folds.

When we did this project in my craft club there were some beads that needed to have the needle pulled through with pliers. The first necklace I made I used Liberty of London fabrics which are a very fine lightweight cotton and they really seem to work the best.

Don't give up!


Dee Grace said...

I meant threading the bead on the ribbon while the glue is dry or wet - I am working the needle in while its wet - but then what I've tucked in one end pops out when I go from the other end!!

I wont give up - I am just about finished with one, just trying to work out MY kinks in understanding so I can teach it to non crafters. Thinner fabric would definitely help!

I am enjoying your blog, and reading where you find things. My son lives near those shops I think - I may have to stop in next time I visit them!

froogal said...

Diane you should thread the needle with the ribbon through the bead when the glue has dried. If you work the knitting needle through the hole and twist it around to make the hole larger it will make threading the ribbon easier.

I love that Andersonville area in Chicago...great shops and restaurants, we love the Hopleaf for the mussels and huge selection of Belgian beer....also there is a great resale shop 2 doors down from Turley Road.

Dee Grace said...

Thanks - I think I've got it because I wore my necklace to work today and got several compliments! And nothing has fallen off or split open - haha.

Thanks again for all your help and sticking with me!

lorrwill said...

Hey - this place has wood beads of a bunch of sizes with big (3/8") holes:

I finally got around to buying some so I can try this!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to reach you to request permission to link to your tutorial (and share a photo) for our upcoming Handmade Holidays on the Sew,Mama,Sew! blog. I couldn't find your contact information (though it is early!). Would you mind emailing so I can give you the details? We love your project and would like to share it with our readers.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love this necklace and the tut is well done too. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I can't wait to do some. I've linked to you on today's blog post. :o)

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Oh this is fabulous-I love it! I'll be linking!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

sooo cute!! love it!! I hope you have a great day!! hugs!! Britt :-)

Anonymous said...

These are great, thank you for sharing! I have already made two of them tonight (one for myself, one for a gift) and am making another tomorrow - another gift! :) My fabrics used are cotton, kind of medium weight,.. but they just take a little more poking and prodding to stuff into the hole. I don't have a knitting needle but I used the stick end of a thin paintbrush and an embroidery needle. The embroidery needle also was sufficient for threading the ribbon.

Thanks again! So far I've theoretically 'saved' $1700! ;)

Manu said...

Thank you so much for the necklace idea! I had no idea about what to make for my girlfriends. I just don't like the idea of giving something that was simply taken from the shelf... I like the personal touches. And I realy don't mind if it takes a bit longer to make a project. Only this time I really didn't have much time left to make something for them. This necklace came in a great moment! It's quick to make, uncomplicated, and the best: they loved it!
Super recomend it!
Manu - Brazil

MaryAnne LoVerme said...

cool tutorial! Here's my take on it: http://wabisabibrooklyn.com/2009/01/10-uses-for-pantyhose-necklace-transformation/

Unknown said...

This is the BEST tutorial I have seen on how to make fabric beads for some really creative jewelry.

THANKS, and yes I'll be using this tutorial.

I'll be showing a group of ladies at our local FCE mtg this month how to make various styles of fabric beads......I am so excited to have found your blog.

D. Chapman - Watertown, TN

The Beading Gem said...

This has to be one of the coolest fabric bead tutorials I've seen! Thanks for sharing. Will be linking in a future post on my blog.

The Beading Gem said...

This has to be one of the coolest fabric bead tutorials I've seen! Thanks for sharing. Will be linking in a future post on my blog.

froogal said...

Thank you Beading Gem! I can't believe I still keep getting comments on this post. I really appreciate the future link and I will do the same.


Unknown said...

is this any old paper glue on a stick or fabric glue? still trying to master the ends. do you think that the ends of the fabric should be tappered?

froogal said...

I use Elmer's all purpose glue on a stick. I bring the ends up and twist, as if you were wrapping a piece of candy. If it seems like I have an excess of fabric I will snip off the ends. I have found that using Liberty fabric really works best, the lighter weight is easier to manipulate, silk works well also. I am so pleased that I still get so much interest from this post!

twirling betty said...

And so the comments on this post keep on rolling! Because it's so good!
I just wanted to tell you I made some beads for my mum based on yours (and Louis'!) design and she loves them. Thanks so much for the lovely idea.
Today I posted a tutorial on how to cover beads with fabric and linked to you where I referred to an earlier post showing a photo of mum's necklace.
Now if I could just find time to make a whole string for myself...

Michelle said...

Ooohhh, these are so lovely! I can't wait to try my hand at making these. Thanks so much for sharing - you're so talented! I love the one with the earthy tones. Great blog! Peace. :)

Christina AKA SuperMom said...

LOVE IT! I have tons of fabric and gazoos of beads! Totally gonna give a try! Thanks!

Erika Jean said...

Lvoed this! Here is my creation! Thanks!

Maiden Jane said...

Thank you! This is so adorable!

antywong said...

Love this post, Louis Vuitton ARTSY MM is my creation.

Silving said...

very interesting idea!
I like beads,and bead necklaces.
I have tried that ,with fabric, from your tutorial, but I was not very satisfied with the results, I guess it takes some practice?
anyway, I will keep trying and see if it gets me anywhere :) and post it on my site,if it is.
thank you for sharing!

Lillipilli Lane said...

Love it, just made a set after searching on how to go about making one such necklace and found you post and twilring betty's! Will add a tute of my own for a few of my own ideas I used!


Rose Mary Jameson said...

Your necklce is just so vey cute!..When I saw this LV photo in the news last year, I had to laugh...somethings old are new again. Every year at Christmas time I hang out my MIL's old necklace she made out of red pointsettia fabric, which looks just like this except I htink she put a gold pony bead in btween each bead, circa 1978.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Tutorial.

Preserving Pearls said...

Does anyone still read this?? my beads are turning out fine, but I'm having trouble with the glue. It seems to get messy and ends up making the beads look dirty. Has anyone else had this problem? Any tips? Thanks


froogal said...

Hi Jane!
Yes someone is still reading this. Are you using a glue stick? Try and keep the glue off your fingers or keep a damp paper towel next to your working area to clean your fingertips before rolling the fabric around the bead. Try holding the corner of the fabric with one finger and spreading the glue away from you, the excess should go on the paper, then reposition the next piece of fabric on a clean area of the paper. I hope that helps.

YMayfield said...

I havent attempted to try this yet since I just found it on pinterest but the entire thing is a bit confusing to me. I wish you had posted more pics of the steps. My A.D.D kicks in when I have to read it and try to visualize it. LOL. With all that said I still cant wait to get the supplies and try it out! :)

froogal said...

That is amazing that I have turned up on Pinterest so many years after this original post. I certainly understand your visual thing because I am the same way! I believe that one of my followers has posted a "how to" on utube. Try googling it...I guess I should do that if someone has not yet!

Unknown said...

I hope you still check this, but I was wondering which youtube video you recommend, as there are a few? Thanks

froogal said...

Hi Deborah!
I have reviewed the Youtube tutorials and can't find one that matches my method. Here is a link to one that is similar http://twirlingbetty.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/fabric-covered-beads-a-tutorial/
however I still think that my method is easier. I am thinking that I should do my own video...I will let you know.

Unknown said...

Thanks, I actually like the way yours look better. (not cutting the fabric to fit into the holes) Got all the materials I need today, hope to have a successful attempt with them this week. Will let you know :)

froogal said...

Please feel free to email me with any problems. Have fun!

Unknown said...

Hi, I think I must be doing something wrong. First off, I wrapped the beads, super easy, didn't really have any problems at all. They look great. But then I got to the threading. So I'm using ribbon, got it through super easy...but I go to tie it and I have to tie it about 6 or 7 times before it is a thick enough tie to not pass through the whole. What have I done wrong? I got the 20mm beads, is the whole too big? I'm using 5/8 inch ribbon (does the ribbon need to be bigger??? Help???

froogal said...

It sounds like the hole is too big. I use 1" beads and the hole is about 1/8th of an inch. You can buy these beads at Michael's. I use 1/4 inch ribbon. I have seen beads with a larger hole and I am thinking that that's what you purchased. Don't give up! Trying something new is a process.

Unknown said...

I realized I didn't do what you mentioned above...I went to the bead section and I got the wrong beads. I went back to the fabric store and went to the wood section and of course, there were the correct beads. I guess the picture that I finally looked at, at the top of this page helped too. I just finished my necklace and I'm really happy with it. If you'd like to see it, it's on facebook under Deb's Calming Creations. I'm really, really happy with the way it turned out. Thank you so much for your blog. I can't even remember how I fell upon it, but I'm so glad I did. Thanks again!