09 February 2008

Message from a Raven?

It seems that lately I am having a continual conversation with my inner voice about "not spending".....lets see... the struggle started when we had friends in from out of town last weekend.

While wondering around in Andersonville, a Chicago neighborhood north of where I live, we stumbled on a fabulous little boutique called Turley Road. What drew us in were the wonderful shoes in the window...I was like an alcoholic wandering into a bar for the first time after joining AA....a bar that makes really good drinks....at really great prices!!!

"This is MY store"...I announced as I picked up the very cutest blue pointy lace up oxford pumps...on sale for around $50....the best $80 handbags I have ever seen, and clothes that looked like designs I would have dreamed up...then I spotted IT...

A wonderful chunky, black vintage bead necklace with an oval framed Raven pendant. Coat and scarf came off, and necklace promptly clasped around my neck...
...I exclaimed..."this necklace has special powers!"
...husband said..."but wait a minute...you are the froo*gal, and you have made a commitment"
...I thought... he LOVES being able to say this, he has been waiting to say this for 25 years
...I said..."but that doesn't mean that I can't get GIFTS!...and my birthday is just 2 weeks away"

Is that magical necklace in my future?...I guess we will all just have to wait and see. In the meantime, I looked up the symbolic meaning of Ravens and found this:

Native Americans believe that the Raven signifies change and transformation. The Raven is the harbinger of messages and comes only to those worthy of knowledge, he is called upon for healing powers and is the.....bearer of MAGIC.


THE froo*gal


Raven.Black said...

Ravens are my fav. birds! We have faux ravens abounding in our home. Taught the children, "To see a raven is Good Luck!" Other Blog is named for Macha, Celtic Raven Goddess.

Keep us posted on Birthday progress!

whitedogwoman said...

Oh gal, you froo*gal,
I guess you will have to wear that necklace in your soul and not on your body. You really called forth that necklace from your inner self......I am sure all those components will show up on your doorstep soon and then we will see "How to craft a chunky Raven birthday necklace" on this blog!