12 February 2008

My Crafty Valentine

At the risk of having my cotMC(craft of the month club) gals having a peak, I have decided to post my project in time for Valentines Day.

While perusing my stash for ideas I came across this wonderful old tin Victorian brooch that I purchased on ebay a while back. Since it already had a pin back I just attached the vintage pleated trim to the back with a glue gun, added a piece of an old velvet leaf and then made a bow out of a scrap of antique kimono fabric. That was the perfect deconstructed element that gives this piece a quirky appeal with out being too fussy...a good reason to collect those interesting bits and scraps...BUT ONLY those scraps that are really special. You need to use your creative, crafty eye and know when to "hold em" and when to "toss em"...I also keep interesting scraps of paper in a small box and that is where I found the old envelope with nice calligraphy to make my heart. The heart was then hot glued to an uneven square of felted wool to which I glued some tiny old beads and then I attached it all to a piece of card stock. I then pinned the brooch unto the card so that it could be removed and worn. The entire project took me under an hour, which was good because lately thats about all the time I have!

*IDEA OF THE DAY...for those of you that do not already have an interesting stash....be on the look out for buttons, ribbon, paper, fabric and other interesting objects. Ebay is a great place to find odd and unusual things at really great prices...a treasure trove at your fingertips! Be sure that you have a special box for your treasures so that when an idea for a project pops up you can easily put your hands on the "goods".

Happy hunting.


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sommerboat said...

Hi Froo*gal,
I'm wondering if you received this magical necklace for your birthday from your man Dickie. If so, how does it make you feel?
Your frugal friend in TC