01 January 2008

Skirt Completed!...in One Hour?...no

although I think with some "tweakage" ...it could be.

To be honest...there was not a lot of joy happening at the sewing machine this afternoon...no one said this would be easy...if it was easy it would not be called a challenge!.... but maybe a challenge is what makes life more worthwhile.

I had some obstacles that had nothing to do with the skirt.
I have recently moved from a 5 bedroom home in Santa Fe, NM back to Chicago and into a 2 bedroom vintage high rise condo. I no longer have a dedicated studio space in which to create...tools and supplies have to be assembled, sewing machine put up...the space that I was working in seems cramped and the lighting is bad.

I have found in the past that making a new space work takes time...anyway there was a lot of frustration not least of which was my husband trying to cook a pot roast...he doesn't cook..and then slopping a saute pan with tomatoes unto my newly laid (by me) FLOR...I know I know.."who would put carpet in a kitchen?" ...well it is all part of the new FROO*GAL program...it was not in the budget to have the old floor ripped up..and the old floor was a wreck....I digress....

back to the skirt....I will publish photos and instructions tomorrow, right now there is a pot roast waiting made by the husband calling my name!


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Rachel said...

Very clever! (I'm lurking at Wardrobe Refashion.)
Nice styling--it doesn't look "home made", but clean, good design.