03 January 2008

SKIRT 1.1.08

Despite all my stressing about bad lighting and a troublesome husband, I was really pleased with how the skirt turned out. Constructing the skirt went really quickly, what was so time consuming was figuring out the spacing of the pleats. The skirt could be gathered which would eliminate that problem, but the fabric was a bit too voluminous and needed to be more structured....so I was thinking that in my instructions at the point where you need to figure out the pleating...in the words of Tim Gunn of Project Runway..."make it work"...it helped that I had a dress form to work on.


* fold fabric in half matching selvedge and cut along fold

* these 2 pieces will become the front and back of the skirt and the selvedge will be at the top

* stitch one side seam using a basting stitch for the first 7 inches down from the top
* place zipper over the basted seam and pin in place
* sew zipper in place and remove basting stitches

* sew remaining side seam
* cut ribbon to waist measurement +3 inches
* fold ribbon in half, mark the fold pin inside the top of skirt matching the fold to side seam
without zipper. Extend ribbon 1.5 inches over each edge
* this is where I tell you to "make it work" by adjusting either by pleating or gathering to fit

* pin ribbon 1/4 inch from the frayed selvedge edge
* stitch along top and bottom edge of ribbon
* hem in whatever way you prefer (if you hem by hand it may take longer than an hour to
complete the skirt)

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