31 December 2007


I woke up this morning in a cold sweat thinking about SHOES....or I should say, thinking about NOT BUYING a new pair for ONE WHOLE YEAR...okay, I really think I can handle the clothing issue because I know I have plenty to work with...I have fabric, I have yarn, I have RESALE....but shoes...YIKES! I LOVE SHOES and I LOVE SHOPPING for SHOES I have never bought a pair of second hand shoes... and I have major foot issues... and I have actually been putting more miles on a pair of soles and heels now that I am living back in the city...this could get interesting.

When I told a friend about my idea for "not buying new for a year"...she paused for a moment and said..."well what about underwear?".....so Friday I made a mad dash to Target to purchase 6 pairs of my favorite underwear, one spanking new white bra, 4 pair of black cotton socks and one pair of black tights....I do have 2 drawers full of black socks and tights, but I just wanted to make sure.

Here is a picture of the inspiration for my SKIRT 1.1.08...and that is going to be my kick off project for 2008...be sure and check back for results...remember my goal is 1 hour....hmmmm?


1 yard of fabric 56" wide...more or less depending on the width of the fabric and the length you want
1 7" skirt zipper
1.5" wide grosgrain ribbon the length of your waist measurement plus 5 inches

And speaking of skirts.....another confession....I did have one last fling at Neiman Marcus in the sale racks a couple of weeks ago.....and yes, it was satisfying...until the bill came....anyway this was my last purchase of 2007...Marc Jacobs original price $248 marked down $148...it was exactly the skirt that I had been looking for since October..nice fully lined, brown wool stitched down pleats, ribbon waist band..I really DO love to shop...




whitedogwoman said...

Hey Gal, Froo*Gal!
I admire your goal of not buying anything new in 2008. I am not sure that I would have the strength to follow through on such a counter cultural resolution. We are a nation of retail spenders. Yesterday my husband and I went to Banana Republic and Old Navy. We spent about 300 bucks on SALE items. Did he really need another gray sweater? Did I really need a new pair of pants? I'm sure NOT!My thought of the day: Why do we feel that we only HAVE money when we SPEND it, not when we KEEP it?
Enjoy creating and wearing your skirt/s!

froo*gal said...

Hey wdw,

That is an interesting question.

While I am in the process of "shopping" I am feeling like I am giving myself something that will change my life somehow...but it rarely does...although I must admit that last Kate Spade bag gave me a "back in the city with a good solid bag" kind of a feeling...but it is like a sugar high that is always followed by that drop in blood sugar feeling...icky!

The truth is I no longer feel like I have money..shopping or not shopping but I am rich in creativity...so I am going back to the "source"...and I know that will fill me up.