04 January 2008


Today is the day I cut up the credit cards.

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about the reality of no longer using credit cards...what a concept. I have spent years NOT paying cash...using credit is really just allowing yourself to believe that you can have something that you really cannot afford..it is really supports a false sense of riches.

Anyway my middle of the night thinking went to ..."what kind of art can you make out of cut up credit cards?"...this could be my next project...stay tuned!



veronica darling said...

That is the best thing ever Froo*gal! Credit is false riches and security.

LOVE that you made the the LV beads with $15 as well, High Fashion makes us think we need to spend big bucks to look good and new and hip, but we know better!


froo*gal said...

You are so right! I think the key word here is "fashion"....check this out....I have an antique book that I purchased years ago to make an "altered book" but when I started looking through it it was way too good to cut up...anyway the title of the book is "The Royal Path of Life". It was written in 1890. There is a chapter on fashion that opens with this sentence:

"No heathen god or goddess has ever had more zealous devotees than fashion, or a more absurd and humiliating ritual, or more mortifying and cruel penances."

Isn't that so true...and that was written over a hundred years ago!