31 October 2010

The Simple Beauty of Antique Butter Molds

Being a lover of antiques I am especially fond of aged wood implements that have acquired a patina from being held in the hand while preforming a task. I love the beauty of the natural grain and feeling the warmth of the wood that has survived for generations links me to the past.I am currently selling these beautiful antique butter molds in my Ebay store and thought it might be interesting to give one a try and see if I could transform a mound of softened butter into a small work of art to grace my Thanksgiving table.There was a time when having butter involved hours of labor using many different wooden tools in the process....the cow was milked the cream was separated the butter was worked into a mound of lusciousness and packed into a crock that looked like this If you wanted to make a special presentation after all your hard work you had the option of using a wood butter mold with a motif carved inset and a detachable handle for plunging the molded butter unto a plate.
Most butter molds were made of maple and readily available for purchase for 8-30 cents from the Sears catalog.

Popular designs were a wheat sheaf floral

and my personal favorite the acorn and oak leaf
The process is very simple. Soak the wood mold in cold water. Do not dry the mold before adding the butter, use it straight out of the soaking bowl. Soften a stick and 1/2 of butter for a 4.5" mold. Unscrew the handle from the stamp and spread the softened butter across the design until it is covered completely. Place the stamp in the bottom of the mold. Pack the butter tightly into the mold, filling to the top. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm. Screw handle into top of mold and push butter unto plate.

If you are interested in finding out more about butter molds and all kinds of interesting things pertaining to the history of dairy visit www.dairyantiques.com
Want to make your own butter? It is easier than you think. Find out how easy it is here.


Jen said...

Those molds are awesome! Thank you so much for the link to make butter. I need to find the right cream and then I'm totally making it!

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I came to visit from Jen's :o) I wish that I had seen your blog sooner. I went to see if these were still for sale on your Ebay site and didnt see any.

I will be back to read more of your lovely blog, but I have to get some drawing orders completed to ship out today.

Blessings & Aloha!
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