16 October 2010

Antique Mouse Penwiper Pincushion DIY Tutorial

Following are the instructions to make this whimsical little mouse who leads an interesting double life!

If you are interested in purchasing a kit that will include all the supplies you will need, please leave me a comment and I will put one together in your choice of colors for at a very reasonable price.


wool/felt scraps
2 small beads
black embroidery floss
fiber fill or other filling for mouse (I used ground corn cob, flax would work similarly)


I scanned the pattern 8.5X11.

*Cut 2 pcs of wool/felt fabric for mouse body
*Cut 4 graduated circles using pinking shears
*Stitch 1/4" seam on mouse body leaving 2" opening for stuffingTurn, stuff and stitch seam closed*Fold ears in half and stitch to body
*Fold tail in half and slip stitch to long edges together and attach to body
*Sew beads in place
*Sew embroidery thread for whiskers knotting close to snout and leaving 1/2" tail/2 on each side*Place circles of fabric together and stitch through all layers with 3-4 stitches*Anchor the mouse on top with additional stitches and secure tail in place


Fourteen Countess said...

This is so darling! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Aha...I just left you a message at your etsy shop. But having seen this, would you kindly be able to put a kit together for me and I can paypal you the funds? Gosh am so excited! Zahra