07 October 2010

The House Bound Traveler

Destination: Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, SW England on the Bristol Coast.
I recently purchased this sweet little souvenir vase at a local antiques market from the booth of neighbor and friend Beth.
She said it had belonged to her mother who was a German war bride.
It is a tiny little 4" pink lustre transfer ware vase with a scene entitled "Weston-Super-Mare From the Encampment" and is stamped Germany on the bottom.
I loved the colors, the beautiful little scene drew me in and for $15 you don't have to think twice.

I brought the vase home and placed it among some other tiny treasures on a shelf in my bathroom.Every morning I would look at the vase and wonder about the little town with the funky name...(sounds like an inexpensive hotel for horses).

With those three little words my ticket was purchased and away I went...you gotta love Google.

The facts:
Weston-Super-Mare is a typical English seaside resort on the shore of the Bristol Channel, in the traditional county of Somerset, approximately 25 miles south west of Bristol, 35 miles west of Bath and 20 miles north of Bridgwater. The main attraction, Weston Bay, has miles of clean sandy beach and traditional seaside attractions.

This sea side town has a long history as a tourist attraction that began in the middle of the 18th century when visitors would come for "the cure" prescribed by doctors. Bathing in the salt water was extolled for its health benefits.During the second world war it served as a refuge for evacuees from London. Large areas of the town were destroyed during the blitzes. This area also played a part in the preparations for the Normandy Landings hosting large numbers of American troops prior to shipment to Omaha Beach. Could this possibly have been when a US soldier purchased the souvenir vase for his soon to be German bride?...I must check with my friend Beth for more details!

It appears to be a very unpretentious town with 85 pounds being the most expensive lodging available. This charming B&B is only 45 pounds a night!

The Wassells Bed & Breakfast Located on the fringe of the town of Cheddar famous for its gorge, caves and ...what else, cheese!...what might you expect to accompany some good cheddar?

Visit the home page for travel information to Weston-Super-Mare.

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