26 September 2010

Flying By the Wings of My Thread

Who wouldn't want to buy thread that was advertised as having wings...it some how makes it more magical, hinting at the sky being the limit to what you could accomplish,
although I am sure the intend of the Victorians that offered up this advertising gem was that your thread would fly through your fabric with the greatest of ease. None the less it is an endearing symbol and done in beautiful detail on a lowly box of thread, isn't that just like the Victorians.

The more serious box cover engraving featuring the Willimantic Linen Co in Willimantic, CT....then and now...In 1898 they became The American Thread Co.

There was large competition between thread companies as witnessed in these dueling advertisements from J & P Coats and American Thread Co. Prior to 1864 and the invention of the sewing machine thread was produced for hand stitching and made of three cords twisted together. Thread had a glazed finish and was too uneven to run smoothly through a sewing machine.

In 1884 George Clark developed a six-cord, soft finished thread. This thread, the first ever suitable for machine use, revolutionized the sewing industry, and therefore he called it "Our New Thread." This became known as O.N.T.
Apparently finding a thread spool with this logo is very rare according to Alex Askaroff of sewalot.com.
Alex has a wealth of information regarding antique sewing machines and related items that you will find interesting and amusing.

Let your wings take flight and


Amy said...

What a beautiful Post! I really enjoyed reading it and seeing your fabulous pictures! The spool with wings is gorgeous.

Casa Bella said...

Wonderful post! You are a great writer and I love the images. So fun!

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

I love reading about things that no one else has thought to write about.
Thank you for this post on thread.