06 September 2010

The Rewards of Labor: The Gospel According to Ann

When my best friend Ann came for her annual visit in June she declared that she "wanted to try some gin"...gin being my drink of choice on most Friday evenings otherwise I am a wine drinker.
What better place to introduce my friend to a Friday night cocktail but this great little bar in Chicago called Tiny Lounge.

Tiny Bar makes a fabulous drink called a Lakshmi named for the Hindu goddess that is the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm....perfect for Ann who encompasses these fine qualities.This wonderful elixir of the Goddesses is made with Hayman's Old Tom Gin (truly the best of the best gins)The recipe encompasses these unlikely pairings, St Germain, a French elderflower liquor, Berentzen Pear, and sparkling wine. Needless to say one is about all you can handle... and that is a good thing because of the LARGE price of a drink at TINY.

It seems I have opened the door to the world of gin for my friend, who by the way, happens to be in Campus Ministry at a Catholic school. Ann is a devout Catholic and a devout wine drinker, but it seems gin has "stirred her soul". Recently she confessed that she had been adding a bit of gin to her glass of wine on those stressful days in the ministry!

My first thought was...what??? that sounds sort of icky...I had forgotten that the elixir had in fact included (sparkling) wine and gin....hmmmm she may have something here.

....and then last Friday night I looked at the gin bottle and there was just a smidge left, maybe a shot... and I looked in the frig and I spotted a bottle of Woodchuck Pear Cider and a nice bottle of Boogle Sauvignan Blanc. I filled a wine glass with ice, then poured equal parts of pear cider and wine and thought...what the heck and threw in a shot of gin....

What can I say...I am a convert...converted by my dear "sister" Ann...hence the name of this new concoction:

Sister Ann's Confession

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