05 August 2010

Insights & Outsights

No, this is not the Caribbean...its even better...because it is salt free and an easy scenic 6 hour drive from Chicago.
There are no shells on this beach, just a beautiful assortment of rocks, like unakite, feldspar and
....agates...these were found at a rock shop in Leland, Michigan, already polished, drilled and waiting to be strung.

There was not much time spent stitching, I was too busy swimming in the Great Lake and lolly gagging on the beach picking through stones.

These activities are also conducive to contemplation.

My thoughts on blogging go something like this...

*Is anyone listening? ...what is the sound of one hand clapping?
*What does recognition have to do with creativity?
*If a blog is an online journal why is it important to have comments?
*Blogs are work.
*My blog is a way for me to keep a record of my projects.
*I have never been a journal keeper.
*I like to keep track of the projects I have accomplished.
...so this is gratifying to me.
*Do I care that no one seems interested in commenting on what I do?
...I guess so, otherwise I wouldn't be contemplating whether I should continue the process.
*Has it helped create interest in my shops?
*I like the idea of having my shops, I really like the creating of shops...that is always fun.
*And I like collecting and designing items to sell in my shops.

All of this thinking is giving me a headache,
I think I need a dose ofQueen of Meadow
(found in antique store in Empire, Michigan)
Along with some other interesting remedies.
...all with the instructions..."Dose, a wineglassful 3-4 times a day"

I wonder if that means with or without WINE?...next I think I will try some Wahoo Bark.


ParisBreakfasts said...

I hear ya!
Waves with no salt!
How can that be?
Love your Liberty bead necklaces!

Lindsey said...

I stumbled upon your beautiful blog a few months ago and have been avidly following it since. I just wanted to let you know that it has meant a lot to me. I found it at the time of my daughter's first round of chemo (she has leukemia) and it has helped me pass these long hospital stays. I love to open your page and let a bit of beauty and inspiration into our world. I too love crafts and aspire to create beautiful things like yours. You're an inspiration and what you are doing has meant a great deal to me. I just wanted to let you know that and to thank you!

froogal said...

ParisBreakfasts...I am such a fan of your watercolors....thanks for your kind comments!

froogal said...

Lindsey....if I never get another comment I will continue blogging for this comment alone. Bringing a bright spot into your life at this time makes it all worth it for me. My prayers are with you and your daughter.