13 May 2010

Vintage Fabric Pincushion Kit

I have raided my vintage stash and put together one of a kind vintage fabrics, buttons and trims along with complete instructions to make this patchwork pincushion. I currently have 4 different packets that can be purchased at
Whimrose Projects

Please come and take a look and get inspired!


The first 5 people to make a purchase at Whimrose Projects will receive a 20% discount!


Cat Haven Crafts said...

Just lovely!

up and down town said...

i LOVE that. if nothing else were homemade, a pincushion really really ought to be!

Kathy G said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your comments...I was beginning to hear an echo...I was wondering if anyone was paying attention.

I LOVE comments!

wendy said...

This is terrific! I have one of your wool pincushions from about 8 years ago (?) and I was just thinking how perfect it is! It's my favorite!