31 May 2010

Enid Collins Inspired Needlepoint

My first needlepoint project is COMPLETED!

This was a great learning experience...and like all learning, came from mistakes.
This is what I learned....

10ct needlepoint canvas should be worked with 3 strands of tapestry wool (I used 2)
selvage should always be on the right or left not top and bottom
basket weave stitch will keep the canvas from distorting

With that being said...

Creativity is WELCOME!

I am off on a 2 two week hiatus visiting family and friends, reading good books and putting more stitches to canvas...
see you soon with more projects!


up and down town said...

hey, congratulations! are you going to turn it into a pillow or anything?
i did 2 needlepoint designs, made them both into pillows, and haven't done any since. if i had more hands and more hours in the day and more days in the week, i would do A LOT of needlepoint projects.

i went past Dary's today, per your advice (and thank you so much for the advice, by the way!!!) but it is petite so i thought i should wait for an opportunity (if one presents itself) to enter without my entourage - one big guy and one curious child.

Kathy G said...

Thanks! Yes I am going to make a pillow, I think. I just started another one inspired by an EC design, her designs translate so well to needlepoint.

I think what has grabbed me with the needlepoint is the "portability" factor which makes it easy to pick up and put down without loosing track of where you are.

Good call in regard to Dary's...I went in with my Mom and she had to leave because she was feeling claustrophobic..and also because I can drive her crazy with my methodical perusing...and then I actually went back again just to make sure that I didn't miss anything. I bought a ton of gifts like antique lockets, charms and thimble holders... they have great packaging and all those little things are easy to bring home.

Thanks for the comment...I was beginning to feel lonely.