15 February 2010

Reflection of a Rainbow

doppio arcobaleno
double rainbow

I am headed back to the Land of Enchantment, home of big sky's, howling coyotes, green chili's and double rainbows.
If you are in need of sunshine there is a nearly 80% chance that you will have it every day of the year in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Don't quote me on that but I would say, having lived in Santa Fe for 5 years, it is fairly close to being true.

When I lived in Santa Fe I craved rainy days (crazy right?) but rarely got them. The sun would shine even when it rained producing some of the most spectacular rainbows I have ever seen.
Double rainbows are a common occurrence. A double rainbow is formed when the light is reflected twice. The colors are inverted in the reflected rainbow and because it is a reflection, the second rainbow is not as bright.

Having "big sky" certainly enhances the rainbow experience....and also enhances the ability to reflect...and that is what I am hoping to do on this trip back.

I am taking the slow climb to the high dessert on the Amtrak tomorrow. I doubt that I will see any rainbows this time of year but it is assured that I will see some beautiful sunsets!

Where do you reflect?


Cat Haven Crafts said...

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos!

TheCluelessCrafter said...

I never knew about the double rainbow phenomenon and have sadly never been to NM to experience it.

I have never asked myself the question about where I go to reflect. I don't think I have a place per se, but I should designate one. I may choose Riverside Park, which is a block away from my home, along the Hudson River.