01 January 2010

Nuovi anni di risoluzioni 1.1.2010

Ahhhhh.... the sound of crunching pine needles under my feet on the living room floor can only mean one thing... the tree is dead and 2009 has bit the dust...and for those two things I am very happy.

I have maintained, for a number of years, that my favorite day of the year is December 26th and my next favorite day is January 1. I love fresh starts. I love clean slates. I love setting goals and dedicating space for those goals in my everyday life.

Last year my goal was to devote an hour everyday to collage a 6X6 square as part of a daily visual journal. It was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done mostly because it became a meditation and helped me stay centered and think inward. There was no outward goal just an inner satisfaction. I stayed with the practice until September when I made the decision that I wanted to take that hour that I had set aside everyday and turn it more outward and open my Etsy shop, something I had talked about doing for a couple of years.

I think setting aside time and disciplining yourself to stick with it will help grow what ever passion pulls your heart strings, whether it is personal or business inspired...making time is key. So with that being said I am setting aside my one hour a day this year to explore 3 things:

Learning to speak Italian
Getting a Certificate in Appraisal Studies in Fine and Decorative Arts

...and I will let you know how that goes...what are you going to do with your hour?


Stacey Cornelius said...

Kathy, when you write your book on motivation, I want to be on the advance copy list.

This is what I'm going to do: I'm going to take time away from work to do things to feed my imagination. I'm going to pick up that neglected guitar and learn to play it for real, and I'm going to take time to read - fiction.

I'm also going to make a resolution that won't take an hour a day: start following my own advice. How many of us do that?

sally Mack said...

Kathy, you're absolutely correct that setting aside time and maintaining self-discipline is necessary to fostering passion.

Daily, I think, is a key, too. There are so many distractions in daily life that focusing on your passion daily keeps it where it belongs: both in the forefront of your life and always in the back of your mind. The "back of the mind" is as important as the forefront: "cooking" is how I think of it. Connections are made and new ideas are hatched in the background, ready to be weighed in the forefront when the time comes.

My goodness, you're quick with the Italian!

Kathy Gillespie said...

Hey Stacy...I never thought of myself as motivational but I would love to think that I could be..imagination feeding is good!

Hey Sally......judging from your beautiful photos your front burner and back burner are creating a nice stew!

Tenere agitazione la pentola.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...


Look at that fabulous embroidery! I love your three goals for this year...Your Italian is already impressive...I see you're learning crucial phrases first! :)

And your collages on your other site are really breathtaking. How lovely of you to post them for all of us. xx

Kathy Gillespie said...

Lisa....I have been on a mission to learn embroidery ever since my Mother returned this kit to me (I was seeking an heirloom from her!) after having given up because it was too tedious. I took it on vacation with me last summer and decided I was hooked...but it seems I have so much more to learn...and I really DON'T like kits...so that is going to be part of my hour a day, while I slowly repeat Italian phrases!...and btw embroidery is how I found your blog and I have been hooked ever since....your work is incredible!!!

I am so pleased that you paid me a visit.