04 January 2010

Resolution #2 Underway

Fa molto freddo a Chicago!
Its very cold in Chicago

With the help of my new friend virtual friend Marcello, (you can find him here):


I am going to start learning Italian! My plan is to introduce a few words and phrases a week. Last week I learned Vorrei una tazza di caffè...."I would like a cup of coffee". Forget Rosetta Stone...I have Marcello and he is FREE....Sono così eccitato!

(Sorry... I tried to create a link to Marcello but it wasn't working so you will have to copy and paste the link to find my man)

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twirling betty said...

Ciao Kathy
Thanks for your comment on my fabric bead tute. Appreciated it. I've subscribed to your blog now and look forward to whatever it is you have in store!
E, un altra cosa, io parlo italiano, quindi, se mai ti serve un mano...sono qui!