10 September 2009

Tory Burch Purple Suede Loveliness

Lets talk about purple suede shoes...ahhhhh yes...I wanted these so BAD that I actually convinced myself that they fit...well mostly because I was working the Christmas shift at Neiman Marcus and had an employee discount...who could resist...and then they sat in my closet...first I had to wait for the horrid Winter weather to end..and then the rainy Spring...and then the first time I wore them and walked 15 blocks, I knew I had made a mistake...I had to stop into Nordstroms to buy a pair of footies just to get my poor blistered feet home...so there you have it...I "shopped" and I did not "score" so these little size 7 beauties are being sold on Ebay and here is the link:


...did you know that purple is the hot new color trend for Fall ????...and if these fit you they would be extremely comfortable

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