01 November 2008

New Inspiration for Fabric Bead Necklace!

I clipped a page from October Vogue magazine that featured a beautiful fabric and bead necklace designed by Roseanne de Pampelonne. I immediately remembered a lot of vintage beaded medallion's that I had purchased at auction recently and was inspired to created my own version of this $675 necklace.

Yesterday I dragged out boxes of vintage kimono silk, antique fabric covered buttons, hand dyed felted wool and metallic seed beads. I have allowed myself the luxury of an afternoon project that is long over due.

I recently was asked to have my Louis Vuitton Knock-Off Fabric Bead Necklace featured as a holiday gift idea on a wonderful website www.sewmamasew.com.....check it out! (Thank you to Beth Wilson for returning my attention to my true passion.) I would also like to post an easier solution to stringing the fabric beads that I discovered.

I am hoping to post pictures of my afternoon project sometime in the next 24 hours so check back for results!!!!!

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Jody said...

Very nice! Enjoyed looking at your Blog. Is there away to sign up to receive your Blogs.