08 May 2008

Four T-Shirts and a Confession

Okay...I"M BUSTED...I caved, and for $34 at Old Navy I could not be happier.

The truth of the matter is, when you are as busy as I am you don't have time to SHOP...let alone look in the closet and try and figure out which t-shirt doesn't look like a dust rag... untidy and ungroomed don't work well on an over 50ish woman.

The whole idea of "upscaling" an old piece of clothing can look fun and hip on a young woman but can look really tacky on someone my age. So I have decided to rethink the concept behind my New Years resolution and the creation of this blog. I want to come up with ideas that can really WORK for a woman that cares about fashion and personal appearance but also wants a creative twist. I will not give up sharing my PROJECTS because that is the key for me and was the inspiration behind froo*gal but its time to break some of my self inflicted rules....I have always hated rules anyway!

T-shirts are like underwear...hard to buy at the resale shop...I know because I have tried for the last 3 weeks to find ONE decent t-shirt that wasn't piled, stained, stretched and too short...that is when I threw my hands up and went to Old Navy(always my very FAVORITE for good quality great selection and price when it comes to t-shirts) because t-shirts are like underwear, they are the foundation of a wardrobe.

Who can beat $35 for 4 t-shirts and they made me feel SO GOOD everyday this week when I put a new one on...the BEST!



Julie said...

I just bought my half-dozen t-shirtrs for summer. I don't buy much new at all but good used Ts are really hard to find. I don't feel guilty about it at all!

froo*gal said...

Hey Julie!

I am glad to see that you are still hanging in there with me despite my sporadic posting.

After my confession I felt like I was able to get back on track and had a fun and an successful day ripping through the racks at my favorite resale shop with an old friend.

I found 2 pairs of gorgeous mens slacks that actually fit me like they were made for me and are even (surprisingly) cropped perfectly(great for warmer weather) which is kind of strange to think that they were owned by a man that would have been shorter than 5'1"...my height...HA!...maybe he was a large boy! I also found a fabulous Marni blouse in a real vintagie looking print and a vintage wool cashmere 40's looking shirt jacket, very Hepburnesque.

I am hoping to put up a quick post later today about another windfall.


Jenn said...

I agree with you. Upscaling is awesome, but not for everyone..and so hard to buy online. It never fits right.

I'll be off to Old Navy this weekend!