26 April 2008

The "It" Bag and Riffs on Life

To tell you the truth....I am very discouraged...I have, on more than one occasion, in the past month thought about throwing in the towel on this whole idea. It did not help matters when my computer, like myself, decided that it was overwhelmed and bit the dust. So on top of everything else I am having to relearn updated versions of all my programs including how to get my pictures on this blog vertical...why did this work so easily before???...isn't newer supposed to be easier and more efficent?

First of all, the highlight of starting this blog was to be about "me being creative" , well in order to be creative you need TIME which is something I have very little of these days...you can't buy, list, sell, pack & ship 50-75 items a week on Ebay and have any time left.

You have to be somewhat STILL to effectively create...you have to get in the the FLOW...it can't be just, "trying to get something over with so you don't have to look at it any more". I need STRETCHES of time...I need DREAM time....and right now I NEED shopping fulfillment...according to Eckhart Tolle, that may have something to do with my "painbody"...if I just had another hour in the day maybe I could keep up with "A New Earth" reading and find out what exactly a "painbody" is...oh well...

So here I am wanting some wardrobe perks...how shallow is that?... and very frustrated with trying to find something worthy on the "resale' racks....the good news is I did find a very cute NEW Gap dress/tunic at the thrift store in my NEW favorite color of blue..COBALT!

Oh and btw...in case you didn't notice I did finish the "IT" Bag in a feverish pitch last weekend...I had one hour...and guess what...it wasn't fun...it was WORK. so for the time being ALL projects are on hold...I don't need anything else, especially self inflicted stuff, hanging over my head.

....and I still have not surrendered to the retail shopping urge...in many ways... because I HAVE NOT HAD TIME!...okay, I feel much better now....whew!

froo*gal...wiping her brow

PS....when I am in a better state I will give you the details of the bag construction...but don't you love the addition of the Marimekko coin purse?


wendy said...

The bag turned out great! I love the tie at the opening and the pouch! It's so beautiful. It takes a lot of guts to finish something that you're not having fun making. I really admire that. But it was so worth it! Stay away from that "painbody".
(Soooooo nice to make sock yarn with you! When shall we make the socks?)

Julie said...

Sounds like you need a vacation. All your hard works shows in your It bag. It is lovely.