20 March 2008


I was on a search the other day for just the right little scrap of yellow fabric when I came across a box of vintage kimono fabric that I have collected over the years...it was like finding a little treasure all over again.

Over a year ago I packed up my studio in Santa Fe in preparation for our move back to Chicago which was a serious downsizing..and I mean serious! I had organized everything in plastic containers before packing everything in moving boxes so when I arrived all of these plastic containers where taken from the packing boxes and went straight into the only available space 9 feet up in the hall closet.....all I can say is I am so glad I didn't sell this stuff on ebay(I had actually had a moment of temporary insanity) because with each box opened there is a renewed sense of inspiration!...YES!

...also....I thought I would give a sneak peak of my "IT" bag that is under construction!



Julie said...

I've had a few instances lately of suddenly "needing" things I had passed on a few months ago. Ugh!!!! Isnt it fun to find "gifts" packed away in your own stuff though? Can't see what you are creating.

froo*gal said...

Hey Julie!

I am working too much lately and not spending enough time playing..which for me is creating. I have that little pile of fabrics on my work table waiting for an idea...meanwhile I finished the bag but decided that it needed to be tweaked. Hopefully I will find a couple of hours this weekend to finish that project and post a photo. Thanks for continuing to visit!


Diane said...

cant wait for the 'it' bag!