26 November 2010

Paper Doll Obsessed

My son recently purchased several lots of paper dolls at auction. When he went to pick them up at the auction house the guy said..."looks like your Mom went nuts with the paper dolls".... wrong...my son just has a keen interest in ephemera and thought these looked pretty interesting. I happened to be out of town at the time, other wise I would have been bidding against him to win some lots for myself..not to sell, to collect...woe is me, like I need one more collection.

This is one woman's collection which is always a joy to find because it covers a wide range and always possesses some rare and sometimes unseen beauties. What I am showing doesn't even scratch the surface....there are hundreds that will all be listed in the next week so do your self a favor and go hereto view a unique piece of history.

(Wills new logo designed by Mom)

It seems like a good time to announce the official split of this mother and son business. My son, Will has grown the business from 700 sales to nearly 5400 in 3 years and was ready to make it his own...he was also ready to dispense with such a girly name like Whimrose...imagine handing that card to one of your "bros".
I am ready for a fresh start and will be opening the new "all about girly", Whimrose Projects Ebay Store Monday, November 29.

Mcloughlin Brothers, founded in 1828 was the largest manufacturer of paper dolls in the United States.
Daisy was part of a series made by Mcloughlin around 1860.
I love these French fashion dolls complete with front and back views. Wouldn't this look great framed for a little girls?.... or even a Big girls room!This bride and her trousseau were produced by RaphaelTuck , one of the better manufactures of paper dolls.

In 1919 Photoplay magazine presented Movy-Dolls featuring Movie Stars of the silent screen complete with the costumes they wore in their movies. Here is one of Norma Talmadge.
Paper dolls were also available in many different types of venues like this circus.and even adult publications like Vogue Pattern Book with paper doll cover
And if you were real lucky you may have found this paper doll house under your Christmas Tree.
If your dolls needed a place to fulfill their culinary dreams there was the GE Pop-Out Kitchen, (electric on paper only)!
This scenario seems suitable for framing or dreaming of what could be...one can always hope!Maybe you could build the perfect little cottage in the woods on your living room floor
and decorate with all the furnishings...including taxidermy, Native American rugs and stone fireplaces.I am fascinated with the male paper dolls, they are more rare and so serious... begging "Please don't put me in that ridiculous Uncle Sam outfit!"My personal favorites are a series called Polly's Paper Playmates, a newspaper feature from 1910. Polly and her friends had quite the social life

Visiting brother Percy at West Point

Driving in the country
Attending Christmas Parties
And Art Shows
and of course...Churchand a proper Tea

Who couldn't get lost in an afternoon fantasy on a living room "magic" carpet ride into the past...ahhhh... s l o w and dreamy like the "olden days".


Jen said...

Those look fantastic! I don't know much about paper dolls but I do know that my daughter would love those!

angela said...

Hi, I do love paper dolls and I have downloaded almost every single one I find in the net. I have a lot of "boys" also!