23 March 2010

26 Small Knitting Projects One Skein at a Time

In the process of making room for new projects I am letting go of 28 skeins of novelty yarn and a wonderful book, One Skein by Leigh Radford.

Just like many of my passions, collecting being the biggest, knitting took over my life for the last 10 years. I am not saying that I don't knit any more, because I manage at least one or 2 projects a year.... but there was a time when I was turning out 1 or 2 projects in a month! During this time my other passion, collecting, kicked in and I was unable to pass an interesting skein of yarn with out snatching it up.

For at least 5 years this basket full of yarn has been a fixture under my worktable, quite honestly, I really liked looking at all those wonderful colors and textures. A couple of years ago I purchased this book to encourage me to work my way through the stash.
...alas no needles were put to yarn.
In case you have not been following my blog, a new passion has taken hold...embroidery and needlework...and I am off...collecting and filling baskets and there is no room for my feet under my work table!

You can find this wonderful array of projects just waiting to happen in my Whimrose Projects Ebay store

Check out this cute little drawstring pouch
How about a cute pair of fingerless gloves...its still cool enough to wear them in Chicago!
Love this pom-pom scarf!Darling little throw pillow
Frosting for a cupcake?Just add needles and knit!


Marchi Wierson said...

I love the pom pom scarf too. a few years ago, selvedge magazine had a beautiful cover with a pom pom scarf which was spectacular. They had a feature in the mag on pom poms.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Hi Kathy~ Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment about my sweet little redhead! (:

Oh I can sooo relate to your collecting obsession! I have it too, only mine falls in the paper, paint and pencil arena! I have no room in my craft cupboard. I so envy anyone who can knit and crochet... wish I had allowed my grandma to teach me how years ago when she offered... but alas I was too busy being a tomboy and would rather be outside with my horse. I've always wanted to take some lessons in recent years, and even tho I can't knit... being the pack rat that I am, I absolutely love to look at those lovely piles of yarn ... texture and color is always irresistible! (: Have a great weekend!

up and down town said...

wow, no i had not seen this - i'm more taken with the cupcakes though!