06 January 2010

Gray Grey Grigio

fredda e grigia

cold and grey

Not a good day for picture taking....or as it turned out... anything else that was not a CHORE!
You can start the day with such good intentions and then as my Mom (by way of John Lennon) always says...Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.....so besides:

1. packing and shipping 22 Ebay items including a 17 pound accordion (don't ask)
2. cleaning up after a sick dog...room to room including bottom of shoe
3. attempting to "easily" pay a bill online with a forgotten password...20 minutes later no bill was paid
4. rearranging the storage space to fit the Christmas decorations back in...I thought there was an empty shelf there?
5. meet husband down front with the cart to bring up the groceries...well at least I did not have to go to the grocery...whew...
6. trying to explain to my Mom why I have not finished her friend Helen's quilt

ahhhh...what was I talking about?????

Goals tomorrow:

make some cross stitches
finish Helen's quilt
learn how to say "This is fun!"...in Italian

What kept you from your one hour of creativity today?

1 comment:

Stacey Cornelius said...

Work. Work, work work.

Then stressing about work.

Today I will shift priorities. The work will still be there.