23 January 2010

Cross Stitch Fruit Basket

Cesto di frutta punto croce
cross stitch fruit basket

Resolution #1, Project #1....Antique Embroidery Inspiration....tiny 2X4 inch fruit basket motif cross stitch..Mission Accomplished!

After many hours of frustration stitching tiny crosses through tiny holes, trips to Joann's for bigger needles and linen with bigger holes, Internet research on making the perfect cross stitch, I have finally found my embroidery groove...YIPPEE!
Through the power of perseverance, confusion turns to understanding and the rows begin to roll out one by one, designing as I go...25 red stitches become an apple, 58 yellow and you have a pear, the orange and grapes unfold before my eyes!
Looking back over my canvas I see mistakes I made, on the pear I decided to switch direction and in so doing the stitches picked up a different texture. This mistake taught me that you could create texture and that may give me the ability to mold my next image. I will always look back as this piece of cross stitch as my FIRST piece of cross stitch and in so doing will be able to see how far I have come. It all about the process.

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