11 November 2009

Lanvin Silk Brooch Knock Off

Don't you love the title of this page torn from the November issue of Bazaar Magazine...you have got to be kidding??!...$360 for a few scraps of silk... they call this Smart Shopping?

The REAL smart shopping can be done at Etsy this year. It is remarkable the unique, handmade offerings that you can find for under $50 ....including my "silk corsage" for $20, finished with a vintage rhinestone studded Lucite ball button... beautifully wrapped and ready for gift giving...and I am even offering free shipping! I will also take special orders if you would like specific color combinations.


wendy said...

You are so clever!! From what I can tell in the photo, your brooch is even nicer than the Bazaar brooch. By far. Seriously, what were they thinking? Good luck! Merry Christmas!

9crafty11 said...

Great intro to your items..compare it to the designer wear which is so ridiculously priced, & get a lovingly handmade item that is more a realistic price!

Kathy Gillespie said...

I would like to do more of these types of posts this year. If you have any suggestions for outrageously priced designer items that I may be able to interpret please let me know.