31 October 2009

Antique Civil War Era Fabric Miniature Quilt

Last week I came across this tiny miniature quilt in a box of unfinshed projects...(I swear I will finish all of these one day). The quilt is just 8X8 inches and is made from 19th century fabric that I have been collecting for a number of years. Many of the scraps have been taken from old quilt blocks that never ended up in a quilt...(I guess leaving unfinished projects is nothing new).

All that was need was a bit of hand quilting and the addition of a binding. I used a prized piece of rare antique toile on the back..luckily I have 2 more pieces of this left. It is so hard to part with all these lovely old scraps and making miniatures is a wonderful way to preserve a collection so that it can be enjoyed and not stuck in one of my "treasure" boxes under the bed...I guess you could say that unfinished projects are ALSO treasures.

....and of course you can find this little keepsake here.


wendy said...

You're so busy, you're making me feel inferior! I love the new stuff from old stuff! When are we going to meet dt!

Hi I'm Amy, said...

First I love mini quilts and the fabric is just beautiful!!! I have always wanted to take on a mini! I love this pattern.

Kathy G said...

This was a larger 12X12 inch block that I reduced. Miniature quilts are so satisfying because you can make them up in a day or less...also they work great for utilizing tiny pieces of precious fabric. I am thinking about putting together kits if I can part with some of my antique fabrics.