21 April 2009


Life is ironic........as soon as I thought that my quilting days were over and the bulk of my fabric sold on Ebay, what do I decide to do?....Go to the International Quilt Show! That was all it took to suck me back in...well that and the fact that I had taken on a commission to stitch a quilt for a friend of my Mom two years ago, when I was leaving Santa Fe....yes that's right...2 YEARS AGO...I unearthed the remnants while cleaning out the stash.

The quilt show refueled my interest and gave me the spark I needed to get the ball rolling on this project. I came home with one small bag of fabric for the quilt and one tiny bag of treasures for me (featured on the plate above).

All those little treats, with the exception of the felted beads, came from a dealer that was selling "dead stock" from a jewelry factory in Venice, Italy...one of my favorite cities. Doesn't it all look yummy!

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wendy said...

Beautiful dish of delights! I had such a fun time at the fair! What are you going to do with these?