17 March 2009

Liberty Print Charm Necklace Part 2

I thought I would have a second look at this necklace today to see if I could improve on it but decided that is was great just the way it is! I did however add a couple more charms that my son begrudgingly handed over...these vintage crackerjack charms represent dollar signs to him. Last summer he purchased an enormous lot of these treasures at auction and has been reaping the rewards on EBay ever since. Every time I went to his apartment last Fall I would snitch a couple. One day I was caught with my hand in the Crackerjack jar (so to speak)and I thought the gig was up but much to my surprise a little bag stuffed with these beauties showed up under the Christmas tree...YIPPEE! I am eking them out for various projects...the next one will be a knitted bracelet.

Assembling this necklace is very easy. I snipped and tore 1/4" strips from 1/4 yd lengths of Liberty fabric leaving the edges raw and frayed. I then gathered together some of my fabric covered beads (see tutorial in January 2008 post) vintage beads, buttons, Bakelite and charms and threaded everything on the fabric strips. I made 4 different strips and tied them together. I held all the strands together and rearranged the elements to fit and then tied all 4 strands together in a knot so that I could wear the necklace at any desired length.


katethegreatchapman said...

I really like this necklace. I am wanting to make a liberty print necklace too with their fabric, covering not spherical shapes but dome shapes, so it will hopefully lie flat against my chest. Any suggestions for materials?

Kathy Gillespie said...

Yes I do have a suggestion, it is something that I have been thinking about trying....how about using those button blanks that you cover with fabric? I will put together some later today and post so that you can see. they come in many different sizes from small to very large. You could clip off the shank and cover the back with a piece of felt.