03 February 2009

Knit Tunic Project

I started this tunic vest on New Years day. I saw this knit sleeveless tunic in a shop in Sutton's Bay, Michigan last summer. I have a picture of it on my Blackberry but have not been able to download my pictures with any success but I will keep trying. It had this nice big soft turtleneck that was slouchy and knitted with an interesting variegated yarn. The bottom was slightly flared. I found a pattern that was close to the same shape and I used that to knit the bottom on circular needles. I am using "Misti Alpaca Baby Chunky" yarn. I am close to the armpits and have decided to start the turtleneck on different needles and work from the top down. I have a really interesting idea for joining the top and bottom so we will see how that goes and I will post my results. I am going to work in this really cool novelty yarn that I bought in Venice, Italy 4 years ago...as you can see the colors are perfect together!! YEAH!

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911Quilter said...

I love the idea of knitting this in the round. Can't wait to see what you do with the novelty yarn. Is it involved in the joining? couldn't be a better match. I love your photos too_so beautifully assembled. Great colors.

I'm trying to use up all the yarn I already have. I'm making a shawl, "Anna's shawl" if you google knitting pattern central under "shawls and scarves" or something. I'll send you her flickr picture.

Will watch for more!!!