01 February 2009

DIY Purse Organizer

How to make the purse organizer:


2 pieces of template plastic 14"X4"
2 contrasting pieces of fabric 29"X4.5"
1 piece of fabric 29"X9"
1 piece of quilt batting 29"X4.5"

*Layer the two contrasting fabrics and right sides together and the quilt batting on the bottom.
*Stitch 1/4" along one edge.
*Press seam towards batting. Fold in half and press.
*Trim 1/4" off the raw edge of batting.
*Place layered piece on top of the 29X9 piece of fabric.
*Measure the areas you want to divide for the items that you carry in your purse and mark with pins. Make sure to give a little ease so that your items will fit in comfortably and stitch through all layers to create pockets. Back stitch at top to reinforce.
*On one end turn the batting filled piece under 1/4" and stitch through all layers.
*Fold larger backing fabric over and line up raw edges.
*Stitch 1/4" along edge and along the end that was not folded under.
*Turn right side out and slide in the 2 pieces of plastic template.
* Turn in 1/4" on raw end and stitch closed.

Voila!...Purse pockets!


Anonymous said...

I love that idea!

911Quilter said...

Always your magic touch. Beautiful fabric and very clever design. It's the kind of thing one is so grateful for having someone coming up with the idea and the directions.

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Oh that's fabulous, thanks so much for sharing! I'll be linking to this.

Christy Amular said...

I love your tutorial! I've added it to my to-make list. Thank you Kathy!

Larissa Wardrip said...

This is so cute and such a great idea! I'm wondering if we will ever hear about the "IT" bag??? =]

froogal said...

If you check my past blog entries the "It Bag" was published April 28!